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Old 97's Guitarist Ken Bethea Shares His Thoughts on The Grand Theatre, Vol. 1's Guitar Sounds and Songs

Old 97's guitarist Ken Bethea is one of just two of the band's four members that still calls Dallas home. But, beyond that, he's also probably the straightest shooter of the bunch, never too willing to tout the party line and usually all-too-willing to discuss his band's efforts with a heavy dose of realism.

So, yes, it's with great interest, then, that we saw this note posted to the band's Facebook page from Bethea, featuring his thoughts on the upcoming disc.

Not surprisingly--hell, we already told you we think it's a great disc--Bethea's completely on board with the disc. Or, more specifically, on board with the guitar sounds.

Writes Ken: "I'm happy with the guitars. They aren't as tricked up as on BIOG (for instance, all the crazy sounds on "Early Morning"). We kept them pretty raw and focused on the performance and the part."

But Bethea goes further, given the fans who've yet to hear the disc a quick run-down of what each of the songs on his band's upcoming The Grand Theatre, Vol. 1 is all about. Give his synopsis a read after the jump.

*  The Grand Theater - Orchestrated guitars with big drums.

*  Every Night is Friday Night - Great, catchy fun. Sweet bass line Hammond.

*  The Magician - Our old Crew guy Noah Polk once said, "I don't like magicians. They are always trying to trick you."

*  Born to Be in Battle - Hammond/Cash/Twang

*  Dance Class - Agoraphobia meets Lynnrd Skynnrd.

*  Let the Whiskey Take the Reins - Great vocal. One of Rhett's all time best.

*  Champaign, Illinois - Rhett's rewrite of a Bob Dylan song

*  A State of Texas - Like all good Texans, we sing about our state. Favorite line: "The times we'll have down on Greenville Ave. with the big shots in Big D"

*  You Smoke Too Much - Ok...time to brag on me... I love the solo. I have a funny story about it, but that's for later.

*  Love is What You Are - Oh man. I love this solo too. This guitar player rocks! Who is this guy?

*   Please Hold On While the Train is Moving - Please, Please PLEASE the first time you hear this song turn it AS LOUD AS YOUR STEREO WILL GO.

* The Beauty Marks - Shhhhhh.... let's end this thing with a whisper...

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