Oso Closo May Or May Not Have Won $10K From Chipotle. Congratulations?

Last month, Denton's Oso Closo entered a Chipotle-sponsored competition in which they were asked to design their favorite burrito, create a film about it, and put it up for voting on Chipotle's MyChipolte site. Check out the band's creative submission above.

With a win, the band would earn $10,000 and free food for a year. Not too shabby. Anyway, it's possible you may have read about this at some point in the past month--maybe on MyDentonMusic.com, a site that knows no boundary when it comes to adoring the alliteratively named act. (For what it's worth, were not exactly haters either; I dug the crap out of the band's performance as The Who in Dallas Theater Center's production of Tommy last year.)

Anyway, this weeked up in Denton, the act celebrated the release of its new CD, Today is Beauty's Birthday. And at its release show, the band apparently, according to this MyDentonMusic review of the show, let it slip that it had won the Chipotle contest. Unsurprisingly, MyDentonMusic dutifully wrote up a separate item further touting this news first thing this week.

Only, uh, one problem: The item's since been removed from MyDentonMusic's site. Remnants remain--like this Google cached PegasusNews link to MyDentonMusic's story--but it looks like both PegasusNews and MyDentonMusic have taken down the mentions outside of the review for whatever reason. And, over at Chipotle...the contest appears to still be going on?

No clue what's happening on this front, really. Especially since I started writing this post as a belated congratulatory thing...


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