Photos: Apples In Stereo At Sons of Hermann Hall, Saturday, July 26

Wasn't able to make it to Sons on Saturday night to see Apples in Stereo play the homey Deep Ellum venue.

(Total sidenote: It's a nice venue, but I don't get why everyone's always so up in arms over-the-top crazy about the place. Are people just really big Marty McFly fans around here or something? 'Cause this is all I can think about whenever I see a show there. Am I alone on this?)

Heard good things about the show, though. Saw 'em, too, courtesy of freelance photographer Nathaniel Ng, who kindly passed along a couple pics from the show (including the one above, and the fother five after the jump). Check 'em out. --Pete Freedman

...thanks Nathaniel!

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Pete Freedman
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