Picture Show: Cross Canadian Ragweed's Red Dirt Roundup

As Pete wrote in his preview of the show, there's plenty about Cross Canadian Ragweed's four-year run of Red Dirt Roundups that'll confound you if you ponder it too hard. But as unlikely as The Wallflowers' appearance was alongside Robert Earl Keen, Lucero, Jonathan Tyler and a handful of other rockin', brawlin', crushin'-the-beer-can-on-your-forehead acts--the zombies were even more unexpected.

Turns out they were zombie recruiters (Has it really come to this? Doesn't anybody go straight for the brain anymore?) for a reprise of last year's "Thrill The World" global "Thriller" dance on October 24. Noted.

More shots from the roundup, with the bands and more of the crowd, are up in this photo set by Caity Colvard.

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