Picture Show + Tracklist: The Local Hang's One-Year Anniversary at The Libertine

Well, last night, as promised, we indeed celebrated the one-year anniversary of The Local Hang at The Libertine, with some help from top-notch local performers The O's, Leg Sweeper, Spector 45 and A.Dd+.

Our one regret? Not bringing ear plugs. You'd think by now we'd know that Leg Sweeper and Spector 45 like playing their punk rock at full-blast.

Oh, well. Hindsight.

We don't regret the party, though; it was a good time, for sure. Many, many thanks to all who came out--and, even, to those who didn't come to this one, but have come to these monthly events in the past. It's very much appreciated.

After the jump, as always, the list of songs I played over the PA (not counting the band's own set lists this time around, though). There, you'll also find a few more photos from Eric Garcia, who was kind enough to stop by and document the night.

Ryan Thomas Becker - Seek Fire, Anime Kids
Baboon - Airplane
Telegraph Canyon - Shake Your Fist
Hoyotoho - Born Black
The Burning Hotels - Allison
Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights - Devil's Basement

The O's perform

Whiskey Folk Ramblers - Moanin' Rag
Slobberbone - Whiskey Glass Eye
Old 97's - Timebomb
Toadies - Hell Blow/Stars Above
Hogpig - Kablooie
The Lash Outs - The Kids Don't Wanna Dance
Fungi Girls - Pacifica Nostalgia
Tripping Daisy - I Got A Girl
Teenage Cool Kids - Foreign Lands

Leg Sweeper perform

Bad Sports - Nothing But Agitation
Red Monroe - Pat Mayse Lake
The Nervebreakers - My Girlfriend Is A Rock
Occult Detective Club - You'll Follow Me
Mind Spiders - World's Destroyed
Analog Rebellion - We're Not Talking To Any More Lawyers
Kimberly - Sociopath
The Secret Machines - Alone, Jealous and Stoned

Spector 45 perform

Museum Creatures - Song ABC
Ishi - Pastel Lights
Ghosthustler - Someone Else's Ride

A.Dd+ perform

Sore Losers - Free Loaders
Tum Tum - Heart of a Champion
The Secret Handshake - Black Girl
Neon Indian - Terminally Chill
Black Tie Dynasty - Seawall
The Paper Chase - Said The Spider To The Fly
The Polyphonic Spree - Running Away
The Orbans - Like A Liar
Astronautalis - This City Ain't Just A Skyline

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