Picture Show: Trees' Renovations Are Coming Along...

Whereas Club Dada's future is changing by the day, things right across Elm Street are looking pretty stable. Over at Trees, where a crew of about 15 or so workers are sweating out project after project in anticipation of the room's scheduled August 14 re-opening, things are looking, well, pretty solid at the moment.

That's not to say there haven't been problems, though. For instance, the 18-year-old neon sign outside the venue's entrance? It was still working, go figure, as recently as the hail storm that sprung up seemingly out of nowhere last Wednesday evening. Then, um, not so much.

"The day we get the sign fixed and turned back on, the hail storm comes," says co-owner Whitney Barlow. A little frustrating, sure? But not a huge set-back. The sign's been replaced with new neon, and it's turned on each night before the workers leave the room--a gentle reminder to those driving past the room that it'll be re-opened shortly.

As for other projects going on in the room? A new sprinkler system's been installed; the stage has been rebuilt after having been ravaged from four years worth of water damaged; the upstairs and downstairs bars are getting finished; the floors are being redone; toilets are getting installed in the bathrooms; and a few TVs are being placed about the room ("But nothing excessive," Whitney and her co-owner husband Clint ensure). Still, the room's coming together--as is the booking (another local rock act of years past, Element Eighty, has been added as support to the Slow Roosevelt-headlined opening night).

"I'm a rock guy," Clint says. "You always start by going to the things you know. But that's obviously not all it's going to be."

Clint says he's talking to a few people interested in helping him book the room. But, for the time being, he's mostly focused on getting the room open. At the very least, he knows Trees will be fully staffed come its opening: "That was instantly settled as soon as people found out it was re-opening," Clint says with a laugh.

As for those voicing their early concerns on the venue's booking, Barlow says he isn't worried yet--partially because he knows that the direction of the room's booking hasn't yet been determined, but also because he says he knows he'll never be able to please everyone with the re-opening club.

"You can open up a free club with free alcohol and free shows," he says. "And people would still be complaining that you didn't pick them up in free limos."

Check out our slideshow on the state of the renovations of Trees.

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Pete Freedman
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