Pitchfork on Florene's Homemade Extacy: "It Sounds Terrible."

This morning, the folks over at Pitchfork posted scribe Larry Fitzmaurice's take on Homemade Extacy, the debut full-length from Denton-based, Waaga-signed Florene, onto its page.

And, uh, well, Fitzmaurice isn't a fan. He gives the disc a 5.4 out of 10. Writes the reviewer:

Despite the small bits of potential that crop up here and there, for most of Homemade Extacy, the music never hints at transcendence, which in this world is everything.

Head over to the 'fork for a free mp3 ("Space Cadets") from the disc, and then, I dunno, maybe check these posts for a few more tracks from the band.

Then, once it's uploaded later today (right about... here), check Daniel Rodrigue's take on the disc. It's a different take. Namely because he loves the crap out of it.

So, y'know, there you go. Pick a side.

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