Given the amount of hoopla surrounding the red-hot local production duo of Play-N-Skillz lately--the abundant MTV coverage, the Grammys pre-party, etc.--the brothers Salinas (Juan and Oscar) had plenty of confidence heading into Sunday night's Grammy Awards--maybe too much, considering how, last week, before the awards show, Juan (aka Play) promised a crowd at Plush that "We're gonna bring that Grammy back to Dallas!"

Technically, the fellas had three nominations to their name heading into Sunday night: Thanks to the duo's work with Lil Wayne on Tha Carter III, Play-N-Skillz was up for hardware in the Album of the Year, Best Rap Album and Best Rap/Sung Collaboration categories.

And, sure enough, the Dallas products, who attended the event with their father in tow, walked with a win when Tha Carter III took the Best Rap Album title. As such, we reached out to the duo earlier this week to offer our congratulations and to get their thoughts on what the win means to their careers.

What'd they have to say?

Play-N-Skillz Check Their Fresh, Comment On Their Grammy Win

"This win makes me feel even more motivated to continue to make good music," Play said. "And it shows me that my brother and I are on the right track and doing what we were meant to do,"

And Skillz? "Winning our second Grammy and being nominated five times really helps solidify that we belong here."

Alright, everyone else in the Dallas hip-hop community: Your turn. These guys' backs are getting pretty tired.

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