Playback: The Week (5/30/08 - 6/6/08) In Review

Playback: The Week (5/30/08 - 6/6/08) In Review

Here's what you might've missed this week on DC9 as you celebrated the democratic party finally getting around to a maybe, sorta, kinda nomination...

- We heard 22 seconds off the new Toadies record and shrugged apathetically. - We busted out our camera phones to help History At Our Disposal out. Then we realized we don't have camera phones. - We forced an inferior music blog into submission. Y'know, 'cause we rep our shit hard, yo. - We wondered why there's been a little green globule sitting behind Max Cady's drum kit lately. - We lamented the fact that we're not gonna be commanded to shout out the letters "p" and "t" ad nauseum at local hip-hop shows any longer. Oh well, 'bout time the other letters got their shine. - We got good vibrations from Candlemass and its new-ish area-bred vocalist. - We learned why the guys in Brave Combo never have trouble with their cars. - And then there were the mp3s...

Spector 45 -- "Teenage Plague"
The Architects - "Pills"
Kessler -- "Dallas"
French Kicks -- "Abandon"
I Love Math -- "Volcanic Ash"
Pikahsso -- "Vote For Obama (Yes We Can)"
Mount Righteous -- "Licorice Nights"
Daniel Folmer -- "Robots"

Fine week in my book. Good Friday'll be up in a bit. --Pete Freedman


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