Playback: The Week (6/13/08 - 6/20/08) In Review

Here's what you might've missed this week on DC9 as you poured one out for your boy Tim...

- We mourned the loss of Eric and Deborah Stuer and found out about the upcoming benefit concert for their children. - We wondered why on earth France finds itself fit to hand out country music awards. - We met the latest in a long line of solo, female musicians to burst out of the region. - We ambushed your unsuspecting ears with some loud lo-fi sounds. - We wondered if parking near the House of Blues would still cost at least 10 bucks now that it has a new garage and all. - And we dished out some mp3s for the taking...

Eef Barzelay -- "I Love The Unknown"
Lisa Mickelsen -- "Uncle Roy"
Dove Hunter -- "Well Wisher"
Times New Viking -- "(My Head)"
Matthew and the Arrogant Sea -- "The Man in Me"

...and that was your week. Coming up an a few minutes? Your weekend, on a platter. --Pete Freedman

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