Playback: The Week (6/20/08 - 6/27/08) In Review

What you might've missed this week on DC9 as you mourned the loss of a comedic giant...

- We checked out Tom Waits at the Palladium, and wondered what the crap was up with the venue that night? - We celebrated the return of our favorite day-time weekend activity. - We congratulated a local icon on taking home a BET award. - We, uh, smile smiled at Freddie Prinze Jr.'s acting abilities. - We ambushed West Village with some No Age. - We marveled at the amount of national press our little burg earned this week. - And we announced our nominees for this year's DOMAs. (So, uh, go vote already!) - And we gave you a few free mp3s for download, too...

New Science Projects -- "Wet Sights"
No Age -- "Eraser"
Patty Larkin -- "Hallelujah"

...and that was your week. Coming up soon: Your weekend. --Pete Freedman

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