Poor Vida Closes In On a Documentary About Dallas' Hip-Hop History

Dallas' Poor Vida Productions have been longtime supporters of not just Dallas hip-hop, but Texas as a whole, consistently grabbing and repping talent from every part of the state. For about a year now, they've immersed themselves in tracing and reconstructing the history of Dallas hip-hop, and are close to wrapping up. I asked PV's Joel Salazar a bit about their progress.

"It started out as an underground documentary on street art in Dallas," he says, "and has since grown into the history of Dallas hip-hop, as well as all of the elements involved: DJ, b-boy, MC, graffiti. It also includes promoters, producers, venues and other influential people throughout the scene over the years. We've shot a little over 60-plus interviews and will be done shooting at the end of May, with a release at the end of the year."

That laundry list of folks includes rappers and producers like Kottonmouth, HeadKrack, PiKaHsSo, and current Cannabinoids S1 and Picnictyme; local writers like Zac Crain and Jeff Liles; and graf writers such as Minus Won and Abyss.

Salazar says trailers should be popping up around summer, so keep an eye out.

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Audra Schroeder
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