Poster of the Week: Altercation

We always appreciate it when visual artists and musicians collaborate, whether it’s by putting on a big event, holding a concert in a gallery or museum, or complementing live music with interesting visuals.

But we don’t want to overlook the smaller ways in which visual artists and musicians work together, or the visual artwork created by the musicians themselves. That’s why we're highlighting show flyers in this weekly feature.

A comedy show ought to have a flyer that makes you laugh. And when the show has a name like “Altercation” and bills itself as “Punk Standup Comedy,” it only makes sense that the poster be somewhat confrontational as well.

Enter the Poster of the Week, advertising tonight’s comedy/rock combo platter at The Double-Wide featuring comics J.T. Habersaat, Chris Cubas and more, along with local bands The Dutch Treats, The Hack And Slashers and Stag Film.

This poster looks like the work of Dutch Treat John Freeman, though I haven’t heard back from him about it just yet...

Update: "I believe it was Slacker from the Hack & Slashers," writes Freeman. --Jesse Hughey

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