We've said it once, we've said it a thousand times: You don't need a re-appropriated image to make a show poster that sings.

Poster of the Week: Doug Burr and Birds & Batteries at Good Records on Saturday

Designed by Good Records' Kevin Sears, the above poster promotes this weekend's vinyl release show for Doug Burr's O Ye Devastator at the Lower Greenville record store, which will see Burr supported by recent Spune signee, Birds & Batteries.

Props on the color scheme: The shades of red, white and blue are fitting cues to Burr's brand of Americana. So, too, is the distressed typography.

But, mostly, this poster's a winner because it's not trying too hard--which, more often than not, is the kiss of death in graphic design. The most common error? Going overboard with fonts--a serious no-no. The general rule of thumb: Never, ever, employ more than two typeface styles in a single design. Sears, clearly, knows this golden rule, using just two fonts in this type-heavy design and using his color scheme to smartly separate the bits of information as necessary.

This poster also earns marks for its smart use of font sixe: There's no doubt that Burr is the draw of this show, his name printed at least four times as large as any other bit of information on the poster.

Oh, and speaking of information: It's all there--from the cost of the event (free) to the event location's and its precise start-time. Nice work.

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