Listen: There are lots of great poster designers in the region. The reason we've been able to do this whole "Poster of the Week" thing for so long at this point stands as proof of as much.

But can we just go ahead and build a shrine for Magnificent Beard or something already? No one else in town is even close to as consistently great and creative as this design collective is when it comes to show promotion.

Poster of the Week: Eels at the Granada Theater

Easily the most crowned winner in POTW history, the duo behind Mag Beard scores again this week with a design promoting next Thursday's show at the Granada Theater featuring Eels and The Submarines.

What's not to love? For starters it's detailed -- and incredibly so -- with its illustration of a shopping cart piled high with junk. (See if you can spot the Evel Knievel helment in there.) Second, the shopping cart's junk is the design -- rather than use an image of an overstuffed shopping cart as its visual and then throwing the show information text elsewhere, Mag Beard cleverly uses the junk to share the info because the junk is the info, highlight to stand out with some pink coloring.

Just really, really clever stuff. As if any of us should be surprised by that.

Think your poster is better than this one? Want to see one of your designs get honored next week? Drop us an email with an image promoting an upcoming show right here. Cool? Cool. Thanks!

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