Dennis Gonzalez of Yells At Eels put together this week's winner. This was a controversial winner, by the way. Music editor Pete Freedman much preferred Nevada Hill's poster for the same event, saying the Saharan scene Gonzalez used reminded him of the vaguely Middle Eastern artwork hanging at his Hebrew school. Maybe if I had a similar upbringing I'd be sick of that kind of art by now, but I like the bright colors and exotic scene.

The poster plugs Eugene Chadbourne's Dallas appearance at The Lounge on Elm Street next week. Chadbourne, a highly regarded experimental country/jazz/rock innovator and inventor of the electric rake (seriously), will be joined by the Gonzalez family jazz project Yells At Eels and Tidbits Double Trio. Wanz Dover will DJ between sets.

And speaking of the Gonzalez brothers, Aaron just updated us on the Gonzalez Brothers set at Kettle Art tomorrow. Seems Jim Lehnert will not be playing with them after all. Follow the link for more information about that show. --Jesse Hughey

Update: Dennis just let me know that the artwork originally came from a French royalty-free Web site. It was originally on a calendar from the 1930s or '40s.

Also, Aaron said he has found a replacement horn player, Bobby Taylor of Orange Coax, for tomorrow's Kettle Art show.

Poster Of The Week: Eugene Chadbourne

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