Poster of the Week: Everything at Flatstock 20.

The bands may change from year to year, but one thing that always remains a constant joy at SXSW is Flatstock, the annual poster show at the Austin Convention Center. This year, the 20th annual showcase didn't disappoint.

As always, there are deals to find at Flatstock, in short-run screen print concert and art posters, and in uniquely designed T-shirts, buttons, card decks, calendars, stickers, etc. The hardest part, really, is walking away without having blown your week's spending cash by splurging on a number of reasonably priced gems.

Because reasonably priced gems, when bought in bulk, suddenly stop becoming reasonably priced.

Me? I blew judiciously spent $100 bucks at the show in exchange for a Melvins poster, a couple of other art prints, and a T-shirt that reads "I Remember Country Music." All that after walking away from the convention center proud that I hadn't bought more...

Thing is, with poster artists from all around the country participating, you really can find a poster for pretty much any design or band you could desire--even the Jonas Brothers, if you felt so inclined. Few appeared to be in that case, though.

Meanwhile, a cool local angle: A poster artist named Dirk of F2 Designs had a really beautiful poster in his show space for a the Texas Theater fundraising performance by Bobby Patterson at Oak Cliff restaurant Bolsa.

"They have like 20 of my posters around that restaurant," said Dirk, who also praised the restaurant for its delicious menu. "They commissioned me for that one. It's a really cool place."

As is any restaurant that offers Dirk a job, I assume. But, either way, cool poster.

Didn't buy it, though. Couldn't afford it after my other expenses. Also, I don't really have much more wall space in my apartment as is.

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