Lots of great posters to choose from this week... but it's tough to beat out an original design commissioned from the dude who created The Crow.

Poster of the Week: Jack Oblivian, John Paul Keith and Bad Sports at the Double Wide on Sunday Night

Yep: This design was created by James O'Barr, who recently moved to Dallas and graciously offered up his artistic services in creating the above, bad-ass design for this Double Wide show featuring two garage-heavy cow-punks from Memphis and Denton's Bad Sports.

It's a stoic, chilling image with, yes, a simple color palette. But the image--a sort of Texas re-imagination of the headless horseman--certainly works when combined with audio aesthetics of what should be quite the fun night on Sunday. See you there.

But, as we said earlier, this was indeed a great week for show posters. And we'd be remiss not to call out a few others. Below, the week's honorable mentions. Check them out--and be sure to tell us why we picked the wrong one.

Also be sure to send in your own poster of the week submissions right here, as far in advance as you can. See you next week.

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