Poster of the Week: John Congleton and Joey Kendall at Dan's Silverleaf Tonight

Tonight at Dan's Silverleaf, the brains behind two of the region's most mind-blowing acts, John Congleton (of The Paper Chase) and Joey Kendall (of Mount Righteous), will join forces on a bill that features each of these intriguing minds performing solo sets.

The above poster for the show uses an aesthetic not wholly unfamiliar to past posters for some of Kendall's shows, but that doesn't necessarily mean this one's not effective. Using strips of white to cover the eyes of The Wizard of Oz's Dorothy and Toto gives the poster a cleaner, more cohesive feel than if it were to simply have type thrown on it, yeah. But beyond that, the placement gives the poster an ominous feel, says our in-house art connoisseur, Observer art director Alex Flores, who helped me pick this week's situation while our normal judge, Jesse Hughey is off at Bonnaroo. And the entire thing has an added washed out effect applied--even the type--giving it a finished, formal feel.

More importantly, though, the show the poster is promoting looks like a good one.

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