Poster of the Week: Neon Indian on Tuesday, October 5, at the Granada Theater

A sideways poster? What the what? You mean every poster doesn't have to be vertical? What kind of crazy world are we living in?

One that embraces chillwave, of course.

And, really, that chillwave embracing is what makes this poster such a winner, isn't it? No? Of course it does.

Do me a favor: Close your eyes and conjure up a visual for the sounds most associated with chillwave. Doesn't it look something like a TV on scramble? You bet ti does--and that's why this poster, created by the folks at Powerhouse Factories Design, no strangers to our winners circle, deserve some kudos for that--as well as for having the cajones to not do your standard vertical poster. Sometimes, as simple a change-of-pace as going horizontal can make all the difference in trying to make your poster stand out amongst the clutter.

And there was indeed some clutter this week, which boasted some impressive entries for the Poster of the Week nod. On that note, we've posted two honorable mentions below. Check them out--and let us know if we were wrong in our above choice.

Oh, and, as always: Don't forget to submit your own POTW nominees here, every week, as far in advance as you can. Thanks!

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