Kind of a week weak for poster submissions this go 'round. Not that so much is all that surprising. Except for a few blips and bleeps here and there, this week, at least as far as touring acts coming through the region is concerned, is pretty dry.

But the above poster, which promotes Paul Slavens' Alphabet Girls Vol. 1 release, works pretty well. Mostly because it remembers to do something so many posters don't. Namely? Putting the goddamn talent's face on the page, dammit!

Poster of the Week: Paul Slavens at Dan's Silverleaf on Saturday Night

Really, let's face it. The image is what makes this poster a winner. The hand-written types looks like it was done fairly carelessly, thrown on at the last minute to include all the details. But the photo--of Slavens quite possibly gearing up to lay a thick one on its viewer--at least grabs your attention. And the layer thrown on top of it works well--not just because the color scheme used in the opaque columns gives the poster a warm, traditional lounge feel, but also because those columns are also used to subtly throw piano keys on top of the picture.

And, boom, just like that, you've got an image that tells you everything you need to know.

Keep passing along your submissions here. And we'll see you next week.

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