Your normal Poster of the Week captain is out of the office today, keeping busy with the things that he actually gets paid to do (what a jerk). So, once again, the task of picking this week's winning poster falls all the way to me.

My choice? The above image promoting this weekend's triple-bill of the Slider Pines, Kirby Brown and Glen Farris. Should be a good show. But that's not why I picked it. OK, not totally why I picked it.

I guess it's time for me to bust out my GRA 217/218 notebook and start telling you my reasoning...

Poster of the Week: The Slider Pines, Kirby Brown and Glen Farris at the Double Wide

I guess, for the most part, when it comes to design, my tastes fall very much on the "less is more" side of things. And, with copious blue-space that's treated up with just a hint of shadow and motion, this poster's filled with empty space for days.

But it's an effective use of empty space--it really draws your attention to the few details that this poster contains. And, with a poster that effectively exists simply to advertise a show, that's kind of the whole point.

Certainly, that works with the pertinent show info of this design--information which also appears to be hand-drawn, a nice touch.

But there's more at play here--and that brings us to an important point. Simplistic design doesn't necessarily mean less work. In fact, quite the opposite: Simpler designs often require more thought and, also, restraint than others. In this poster's case, that prudence is seen in the five orbs that serve as the poster's central visual elements. A lazier designer could have used any one of these orbs and used it as the basis for the entire poster design. But the incorporation of all five landscapes--all of which appear culled from the same source--gives it a nice touch, and plenty of added attention-grabbers, without being overwhelming.

Just a tasteful, understated design. Well done.

As always, please continue passing your poster submissions our way--as early as possible, too. Till next time...

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