Poster of the Week: Torche, The House Harkonnen and White Mountain at The Nightmare Tonight

Is it Raiden from Mortal Kombat? Darkwing Duck? Hell if we know. But, hey, whoever this character is, look at that, he's carrying a torch! Which is kind of like Torche!

Is it annoying to give out nods to Parade of Flesh seemingly every other week with this tiny, little accolade? Absolutely.

But is it deserved? Hell yes.

Parade of Flesh, unlike so many other booking agencies in town, gets the importance of the visuals, and, with every single show he books, it seems, PoF lead man John Iskander commissions a poster design to help promote the event. And it works--if you got to any of his shows, you'll see firsthand the number of people checking out these pieces at the merch table.

This one, like so many others, is well-deserving of some commendation, too. An original illustration of a figure dressed in a cloak and a beak, the image pays homage to this shows headliner (having the character holding a literal torch), while giving the supporting acts their due justice as well. Just a cool image overall, and a nice, overall warm color scheme to match. And that's saying nothign of the hand-penned text, which is always a nice touch on these things.

(Better that than Comic Sans, no?)

Sick of seeing Parade of Flesh take top honors in Poster of the Week? Take him down, and submit your own poster--but know that it better be up to the high bar PoF sets for this competition. As always, send your submissions here, and do so as early as possible--meaning at least a week in advance.

Because, really, if your posters aren't ready a week in advance to begin with, it's probably a waste of your time and energy in promotion to bother with them anyway, right?

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