A good show flier doesn't have to utilize all the latest graphic design technologies and software. It just has to grab your eye. And, surely, this poster, promoting tomorrow night's Dan's Silverleaf affair with Austin's YellowFever, Denton's Bizarro Kids and Peopleodian, and Dallas' Hormones does just that.

Poster Of The Week: YellowFever, The Bizarro Kids, Peopleodian and Hormones at Dan's Silverleaf Tomorrow Night

Presumably put together by a member of the Bizarro Kids (this flier features similar drawing styles to the band's other fliers and logos), the poster also does a fine job of telling you a little bit about that band, which, last we checked, features a sort of patchwork, rotating collective of musicians and friends. In that regard, this poster works quite well: The stitches, the blood, the gore--it all works to tell the story of a band that is always changing and featuring different parts (a la Frankenstein).

But there's a kitsch factor at play here, too: This poster charms specifically because it isn't a high budget job--just a hand-drawn effort created in the vein of so many posters from yesteryear. Consider it proof that, in the face of a small budget, a little ingenuity can go a long way.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.