R. Kelly's Black Panties: A Cute Animal for Every Song

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This song is about the luck a girl has had by choosing to have sex with R. Kelly because he is, well, a sex genius. This GIF is the exact opposite. I don't imagine this tiny pup is a sex genius. He's probably, like, never even gotten laid.

"All the Way" featuring Kelly Rowland

"All the Way" is about going all the way with R. Kelly. But the charming tike in this GIF is not going all the way with R. Kelly. He is going the opposite way.

"My Story" featuring 2 Chainz

R. Kelly's is kinda whatevs, really. But what about this adorable little darling's story?

"Right Back"

This song is about R. Kelly and his friends and how much he likes them. It's also about how church wasn't that great for him, that his friends were way better. This GIF is actually right.

"Spend That" featuring Jeezy

This song is about spending a lot of money on things, cool things, sex things, unnecessary things. But this sleepy cat is not interested in any of that.

"Crazy Sex"

This song is about doing things with a penis and a vagina that would be considered less than traditional. A kitty and a dog that are friends is also less than traditional. It's also AMAZING.

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