Rachel Behring Tells Rock Star Hospitality Stories and Explains her Love for Local Music

Ever been backstage at House of Blues Dallas? Rachel Behring painted the cool murals you see on the walls back there of some of rock and soul's legends. But hell, that's just her showing she loves where she works ... and who wouldn't? Behring spent a good stretch of time managing backstage at HOB, and is now music hall manager.

HOB has not only always been supportive of local talent (be it on a high-profile level or even with breaking DFW artists that they dig), but has a reputation for treating even their local up-and-comers with near-rockstar level of hospitality: good beer, fresh towels, stagehands to help them load in. As much of a headscratcher as that can be to local artists after living in a DIY world of clubs, once you meet behind-the-scenes music fans like Behring, you see where the good heart comes from.

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Alan Ayo