Radio On: KERA Announces Details of KXT

Regular Unfair Park readers will already be hip to this news: In a press release sent out early this morning, KERA announced both the name (KKXT) and start-date (Monday, November 9) for the new all-music public radio station it'll be broadcasting on 91.7 FM.

But, more than that, the press release announced a good chuck of the programming schedule for the station, which will include such recognizable nationally syndicated fare as World Cafe (score!) and Sound Opinions (super score!), among others. The station, which is referred to in both the logo and press release as simply "KXT," will also feature locally produced programming for nine to eleven hours per weekday. And the much-lauded (and deservedly so) Sunday night program 90.1 at Night with Paul Slavens will also be switched over to the new frequency, although it'll remain in its regular time slot.

For the full press release, check out Robert's post from earlier today. Meanwhile, I'll be busy searching for a red Sharpie with which to circle the November 9 start-date on my calendar.


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