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Reach Out And Touch LeAnn Rimes Tomorrow Night

LeeAnn Rimes reaches into her pocket for her new BlackJack II.

LeAnn Rimes is giving a free concert tomorrow night at Gilley's, but there's a small catch: the only way to get in is to win tickets in a radio contest or register online to add your name to the standby list.

The press material plays up the fact that audiences will be bombarded with advertising for the new BlackJack II, spinning the marketing as a positive by promising "...interactive phone booths that showcase the music capabilities..." of the phone. ("Interactive" must be a marketing buzzword or something, because otherwise it seems awfully redundant here. Is there such a thing as a non-interactive phone booth?)

Anyway, the show is one of seven concerts in the Samsung AT&T Summer Krush series and the only to take place in Texas. I bet Robert Wilonsky can't wait. --Jesse Hughey

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