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There's a lot of interesting things you can learn while following Rhett Miller on his Twitter account.

For instance, a few weeks back, Miller said it was likely that the summer's upcoming Old 97's tour is going to be an "An Evening With..." kind of affair, with Miller and bandmate Murry Hammond each opening for the headlining band, performing their solo material. Which, actually, is a great idea.

But the past couple of days? Well, they've been head-spinning...

Basically, Miller's super-stoked about his scheduled appearance alongside a whole bunch of other musicians (including Elvis Costello and Rachel Yamagata, I believe, among others) on Thursday night's season finale of the show 30 Rock. And while the updates and inside behind-the-scenes scoops have been interesting, there's more...

Rhett Miller Prepares To Not Watch Himself On 30 Rock On Thursday Night (Kinda).

Seems Miller, who is on tour to support his upcoming, Salim Nourallah-produced, self-titled, third post-97's solo disc (due out June 9), won't even be able to watch his TV turn--he's going to be performing a show in Boston during it's airing.

And Miller superfans wanting to catch a sneak peak of his record are likely out of luck, too: Old 97's fan page Hit By A Train will be hosting an online listening party to the new disc on Thursday night, as well--also at 8:30 p.m. CDT, the same time 30 Rock is scheduled to air. Great planning there.

Anyway, thank God for TiVo and DVR, huh?

Update: Just got an email from Hit By A Train's Frank Early, who says he hadn't noticed the scheduling conflict until this post went up--an oversight he calls "an embarrassment". (Hey, easy, Frank! We were just having fun!) Anyway, Early now says fans can now expect the online listening party to happen at 9 p.m. on Thursday, as opposed to 8:30--or, basically, right after the 30 Rock episode ends: "You heard it here first," Early writes. "The listening party will now kick off at 9pm CT." And people say we don't get any scoops on DC9... Ha!

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