Rhett Miller, VEGA Get Tracked On Pitchfork

Two days, two area songsmiths getting their tracks reviewed in Pitchfork.com's "Track Reviews" feature. Not a bad precedent, I'd say.

So how'd it go? Well, let's break it down...

Yesterday, Pitchfork reviewed the new song from "No Reasons"--a song we've already gone on record as saying that we dig mightily--from VEGA's released-last-night-at-The-Lounge Well Known Pleasures EP. The tastemakers at the Chicago-based site give the song a six out of 10, which, sure, we'll go ahead and cry foul on. Like I said, we really like the song.

Today, however, the site's giving the new Rhett Miller (where isn't this guy these days?) single "I Need To Know Where I Stand" the very same rating (stream it on Miller's Myspace page) And, well, yeah, we kinda agree on this one.

The song's a little plain as jingle-jangle goes, a little too twee, maybe, for our tastes as well. But it is a little darker than most Miller solo songs, as we'd been promised, and that's refreshing, even if a friend once hilariously quipped that "Dark, for Miller, is four o'clock in the afternoon, as opposed to three." Regardless, it's a nice, if not life-changing song--and a promising indicator of what the rest of the Salim Nourallah-produced disc will entail.

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