Roy Bennett Gets In A Daze With Its New Single

The local pop rockers in Roy Bennett have just issued a new single and accompanying video--and both show a surprising amount of sophistication for a trio of slackers from Lake Highlands.

Actually, Ben Templeton, D. Hayes Smith, and Collyer Spreen all work at area music studios as engineers, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they know a little something about recording. Apparently Spreen was once a session player with Starship in the late '80s, but the remaining members of Roy Bennett are working class fellows who formed the band a couple years back simply for a pleasant diversion.

The band released its modest debut, Misdirection and Irony, in 2006 and seems quite pleased with its new offering “2 Daze Away.” Check out the video for the new song...

...and keep an eye open for a rare gig from the trio. Sounding a bit like one-time college faves The Samples, Roy Bennett mixes a bit of reggae into its bare bones rock, making music that’s simple without being simplistic. --Darryl Smyers

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