Dallas Observer Music Awards

Sample Hal Samples' Photos From Last Night's Awards Ceremony

Over on our home page, we've got two slideshows of photos by the great Hal Samples from last night's Dallas Observer Music Awards ceremony at the Best Venue-winning Granada Theater. Part I contains 20 color images, while Part II has a dozen black and white shots.

I'll echo music editor Pete Freedman's sentiments about last night. I thought it was by far the best of the three DOMAs I've attended so far. The only letdown of the night for me was that scheduled presenter Greg Williams, to the surprise of nobody, was a no-show. But the great performances more than made up for it. I especially enjoyed The Whiskey Folk Ramblers and Lil' Wil sets. Wil, as you'll see in Part I, used a couple of secret weapons to steal the show during "My Dougie." I got tired just watching the older boy's amazing, hyperkinetic rendition of the Dougie; I'd have been hard-pressed to do it even half as well as the other back-up dancer, a toddler. The Cannabinoids' awesome live remixes between sets and presentations did a great job of preventing any downtime. I'm already looking forward to next year. --Jesse Hughey

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Pete Freedman
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