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Seabound Ticket Giveaway Tonight at Panoptikon

Next Saturday at the Lakewood Theater, two German electronic acts, Seabound (pictured, right) and De/Vision, bring their piles of synths and boogie friendly tunes to our area. And for those who don't want to shell out the $17 for a ticket can get one--for free--tonight's Panoptikon event at Excuses Extreme Café (3025 Main St. in what was the old Club One Building).

Panoptikon is open from 9pm to 4am. There is no cover but they do like to have minimum 5 dollar donation.

Event promoter Krystal Garcia informs me that she will be giving a pair of tickets away at 10p, 12a, and 2am via drawings. Whoever wants to enter the drawing just needs to leave their email address at the door.

Both Seabound and De/Vision have been around since the '90s, garnering critical hoo-ha's throughout Europe for their blend of icy synths, heady lyrics and heavy beats. Seabound's Frank Spinath and Martin Vorbrodt bring an interesting psychological take to their music, describing what they do as a "Journey into your Mind." Not sure exactly what that means, but this is a good opportunity for all you fancy-dressing types who stay up far too late to get some free tickets with minimal effort.

I think most synth/pop bands can understand that. --Darryl Smyers

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