See Doug Burr's Newest Works Tomorrow Night at AllGood Cafe

Doug Burr, with Glen Farris in the background. (Robert Hudson)

Next week's paper will feature a running diary of sort from Dave Sims in his weekly Denton-focused North of the Dial column. The piece focuses on a recent weekend-long recording session from Doug Burr, his band members and a few other friends, in which the group wrote and recorded a number of psalms Burr had put to music. The recorded sessions will be put out as an album, but Burr band member Glen Farris warns that its not so much a follow-up to Burr's phenomenal On Promenade record--it's more of a side project.

Anyway, you can read all about it next week. In the meantime, though, you might want to mark down Burr and Co.'s Saturday night AllGood Cafe performance on your weekend to-do list. This performance, Farris explains, will be the only time that the group will perform the tracks all the way through...uh, ever. --Pete Freedman

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