Seryn Continues To Earn Praise, Now From Daytrotter and Tattoo Artists (No, Really!)

Denton folk five-piece Seryn truly has had a remarkable year, earning praise left and right, and everywhere else for that matter, on the strength of their actually pretty great, uplifting full-length debut, the January-released This Is Where We Are.

What's most impressive, though, is that the positive words about the band just aren't stopping -- not even close. If anything, they're getting stronger.

Today, for instance, like so many North Texas-based acts before them, the band receives the Daytrotter treatment, as the Illinois-based site has posted a recording session of four free tracks featuring the band, and saying this much in adulation:

Our shoulders often feel as if they weigh a million pounds and with the group's debut full-length, "This Is Where We Are," we're given a chance to be blissfully unaware of where this is, where we actually exist.

Not bad, not bad. It's that kind of praise that will find the band earning itself a permanent place in this world -- like, say, on the arm of a fan in the form of a tattoo. That'd be crazy if it actually happened, right?

What? What's that, you say? It already did happen? Someone went and got a tattoo of Seryn lyrics on their arm? Really? Wow.

Well, then. Let's check that ink out!

The band posted the above photo to their Twitter page yesterday. In case you can't tell, those are the lyrics to "We Will All Be Changed," a song we first heard from the band way back in October 2009. Not sure what the details are behind it -- we've reached out to the band for comment, but haven't yet heard back.

Considering that the band just returned from a West Coast tour and is home, playing a few gigs this week (including one at the AllGood Cafe on Friday, and another with The Orbans, Ryan Thomas Becker and Bravo, Max! and other at Dada on Saturday) before heading out on a tour of the southeast states, we're gonna go ahead and assume this tat belongs to a local.

Someone who, clearly, is a bigger local music fan than you'll ever be, chump.

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