(Shameless) Gig Alert: The Local Hang Turns Half A Year Old Tonight At The Libertine

Tonight, friends, marks the monthly return of my little residency at The Libertine on Greenville Avenue. Surely, you recall the premise: Every month, The Libertine does me the honor of taking over its sound system and allows me to run its regular crowd out by playing nothing but local tunes from 10 p.m. till close.

Sometimes, even, a few people stick around for this thing we call The Local Hang. It's pretty adorable, actually.

Anyway, I just realized that tonight marks the sixth time that we've done this, which means, dagnabbit, we've been doing this sucker for half a year now.

[Pause for effect.]

Yeah, I know. Anyway, I guess this means I have to do something special to commemorate the event? Maybe? Dunno about that yet, but I will be playing new songs from Sarah Jaffe, Menkena, Damaged Good$, Sore Losers and others. Some old stuff, too, more than likely--maybe even a Legendary Crystal Chandeliers track if a certain well-meaning commenter comes through on his promise.

Either way, an honest thanks to everyone who has showed up to these events in the past. They've truly been a blast for me, and I've really enjoyed the opportunity to play you all some tunes. So, again: Thanks.

See you tonight.

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