Shea Serrano's Rap Coloring Book To Become Real Book You Can Buy

Shea Serrano, whose name you may have seen in our sister papers L.A. Weekly and Houston Press, has been responsible for some of this year's finest music writing. This piece, in which he chronicles the night he chaperoned a middle school dance, may be the high point, mainly for this passage:

1:08: Oh shit. They're serving free cake at this dance. That's actually kind of great. There'd probably be less hostility at proper night clubs if they gave away cake, right? Once when I was in a club, I got into a bit of a tiff with a gentleman. Shortly thereafter I snuck up behind him on the dance floor and punched him in his ear as hard as I could. I'm almost certain that wouldn't have happened if I'd had a slice of Italian Cream Cake on a Styrofoam plate in my hands. Fuck your nightclub for not serving cake, yo.

A few months ago, Serrano created a rap coloring book, in which you can interact with some of your favorite rappers. Today, Houston Press' Rocks Off blog has announced that his side project is actually being published by Abrams Books next fall. Congrats, Shea.

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