Sink Your Teeth Into This Odd eBay Story...

A friend of DC9 passed along a link to this news story this morning
, which, within it, mentions that a Rockwall man purchased the plaster impressions of Tiny Tim's top and bottom teeth on eBay earlier this week from a seller in Methuen, Massachusetts.

Even more odd? He paid the full $1,500 buy-it-now price for the molds when, at the end of the auction, the highest bid was set at $200.

Just a bizarre story all-around, especially this part, in which the man who sold the teeth explains how he came to acquire them in the first place:

Boulin travelled via bus to Minnesota to attend Tiny Tim's funeral. On a second trip to visit Tiny Tim's widow in early 1997, Boulin received the dental moldings.

"She was going to throw them out," said Blouin. "I just packed them in my bag and brought them back to Massachusetts."

Now that's a novelty item with bite, huh? (Sorry, but the jokes write themselves, really.)

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