Six Locals Named As Finalists In International Songwriting Competition

Yep. An international songwriting competition quite cleverly named the International Songwriting Competition, in fact.

Anyway, as the header implies, six locals made the cut to get a "finalist" nod from the ISC. Who? For what songs? In what categories? And, just for good measure, where are these people from? Funny you should ask, as that's exactly the information I happen to have on this front:

  • AAA: "1978" by Salim Nourallah from Dallas, TX
  • Dance/Electronica: "This Is A Test" by Robert Michael Romano (Shock Of Pleasure) from Dallas, TX
  • Folk/Singer-Songwriter:

    "Not Gonna Think" by April Geesbreght from Fort Worth, TX.

  • Performance:

    "Sold Me Down The River" by Sam Shake Anderson from Fort Worth, TX

  • R&B/Hip-Hop:

    "Uh-Oh" by Seyed Nazeri, Shari Hill, Kristopher Flagg (The Axis) from Dallas, TX,

  • Teen:

    "Tattered Note (Hey Baby)" by Annie Dingwall from Plano, TX, USA

Congrats to all finalists.

Meanwhile, since we're already talking about him, keep an eye out for Salim Nourallah's upcoming album, Constellation. Set for release later this month, it just might be Nourallah's best work to date. For real.

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