Smile Smile's "Anymore" Gets Plucked For A Film Soundtrack

I doubt anyone will mistake the straight-to-DVD release Jack and Jill vs. the World as a great movie (the above trailer certainly doesn't imply as much), but that's not why I bring it up. This is: You'll find Dallas indie pop act Smile Smile's sweet little ditty "Anymore" (a choice little track, by the way) on the film's soundtrack.

Better yet, the duo's song was given some pretty amazing placement.

"We actually got REALLY lucky," writes guitarist and vocalist Ryan Hamilton. "It's at the end of the movie during the climax/turning point of the film. Girl (Taryn Manning) leaves, Boy (Freddie Prinze Jr.) finds out where she's going and hurries after her. During all of this you get to hear a verse and a couple of chorus's of 'Anymore,' which fades into a song by the band Stars (the movie has a great soundtrack)."

...and I'm sure that's his objective opinion. --Pete Freedman

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