So, Pitchfork Offshoot Altered Zones Launched. And It's Already Showcasing North Texas.

Last week, we told you about new Pitchfork Media offshoot site Altered Zones, which, instead of heavily relying on writers to fill its site with content, is instead relying on bloggers, including DFW's own Gorilla vs. Bear and Weekly Tape Deck.

Well, today saw the launch of the site--and, with it, a somewhat surprising turn of events. To jumpstart the site, each of the contributing bloggers named a favorite track of theirs from the first half of 2010, and offered it up as a free download. But even sweeter? Whether intentional or not, both GvB's Chris Cantalini and WTD's Nate Smith both picked songs with North Texas roots for their selections.

In Cantalini's case, the choice is Ariel Pink with Added Pizzazz's "In The Heat of The Night," which we told you about last week, and explore a little further in this week's upcoming issue, as Daniel Hopkins gets to know Added Pizzazz (essentially just area jazz freaks Dennis, Aaron and Stefan Gonzalez) a little better.

Meanwhile, for Smith, the choice is Mind Spiders' "World's Destroyed." Mind Spiders might not be a name locals are especially familiar with, but, surely, local music loyalists will recall the previous act of Mind Spiders mastermind Mark Ryan, The Marked Men.

In related news, GvB today posted "Polybreak", the first song produced by the DOMAXXII-nominated FUR. It's mastermind Bryce Isbell's first release with new collaborator (and former Ghosthustler-er) Gray St. Germain Gideon. And it's well worth your listen.

Oh, and be sure to check the blog tomorrow Friday, as I'll be posting my own list of top songs with local ties from the first half of 2010 at some point.

Peer pressure is such a bitch.

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