So, This Latest VEGA Single Is Pretty Great.

I'm not going to pretend this is exclusive news or anything; I just wanted to say something.

Over on Gorilla Vs. Bear yesterday, Chris Cantalini offered up his readers a free download of the latest VEGA track, a song called "No Reasons" (download after link), which should be included on the Well Known Pleasures EP the band is releasing later this month. (For the record, that's quite the milestone for frontman Alan Palomo; his Ghosthustler project never got that far.)

Seriously, the song is ridiculously infectious and poppy--the perfect summer dance track, really. I think I've played it 20 times now in the past two days, which normally might cause problems in the newsroom, but, hey, no complaints yet, which must be a good sign, right?

Either way, with this track, I think it's safe to say that Alan Palomo, ever the center of controversy and gossip in the DFW music scene (even if, technically, he's relocated to Austin at this point), has further cemented his reputation as an '80s aesthetic-capturing and pop hook-writing sensation. Take a listen...

Seriously. Where are my JAMS and Ray-Bans when I really need them? Mom, can you check the attic and let me know? I'd like to wear them to VEGA's EP release show at The Lounge on Thursday, May 14; I think a get-up like that would impress the hell out of my date, Elisabeth Shue.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.