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Some News On Eisley's Upcoming Tour, Which Comes To Dallas In Late November

Yesterday, in our weekly Show Announcements post, we noted that, on Saturday, November 27, everyone's favorite Tyler-based family band of indie pop-rockers, Eisley, would be coming to Dallas for a show at The Loft. Well, today, we've got some more information on that return to town.

Namely? It's the last date on the band's almost two-month-long tour through the states, which comes sort of in support of the band's long-awaited third LP, which still doesn't have a name, a release date or a label. But we're getting closer to those things, the band promises via a press release. Check it:
Eisley are currently finalizing plans to release their long-awaited third LP, following their separation from longtime label Warner/Reprise earlier this year. More details on label and release date will be announced in the coming weeks.
So, the news is coming, maybe? Hope so--'cause, honest, we're getting kind of sick of writing these ambiguous posts. For what it's worth, last we heard, the record was coming this fall. We'll see if that pans out.

In the meantime, here's one more bit of interesting news about this new tour: In addition to Ives the Band serving as Eisley's opener on this tour, the DuPrees are also taking another act on the road with them--one Christie DuPree, which, yes indeed, is the Eisley players' younger sister.

This family is out of control.

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