Sorta Offers A Taste Of Its Upcoming Release On Myspace Stream

So I meant to post this earlier in the day but, alas, we were facing server problems all morning long. Hence the fact that all of our posts today came after three o'clock this afternoon. Sorry about that. Anyway...

Looks like the new Sorta disc--the posthumous Carter Albrecht release and the band's last--is getting primed for its fast-approaching September release.

If you can't wait till then, though, the band's got a little treat for its fans on its Myspace page: Three tracks off the upcoming Stuart Sikes-produced, self-titled disc, all right there and ready for streaming.

Which are they? "Fool's Gold", "Bjorn Yesterday" and "Grown Man". And--maybe no surprise here--but they're all pretty great. --Pete Freedman


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