Soulja Boy Tells 'Em: His Yums Shoe Is Totally Gonna Sell Out.

Some good news for the Arlington-based shoe company, Yums: Soulja Boy is keeping up his end of that shoe deal you signed him to a while back, talking about your company at every turn...like, for instance, in this interview with BallerStatus.com that got posted today. An excerpt:

BallerStatus.com: You also have a new shoe line coming, tell us about that.

Soulja Boy: The new shoe line is crazy. It's a company based out of Dallas, Texas. I was on the Chris Brown tour (me, Chris brown and Bow Wow), and I met up with them and I asked about the clothes they were wearing. They told me it was Yums, so they got in contact with the owner [and] chopped it up that night before we went out the next morning. Three weeks later, we got the deal done. I did promotions for it on "106 & Park" [and] the response was crazy, crazy orders. So hopefully six months to a year, Yums will be on top.

BallerStatus.com: What is the look for the new shoe?

Soulja Boy: You can go to YumsShoes.com. The shoe is a different color. We got orange, we got grape ... we got the cupcake shoes, we got the lemonade shoes, which is the yellow ones. It's like a different flavor. We have a special pattern sole at the bottom of the shoe -- you can see through it and once you see through it, it has a different design under each shoe. Once the Soulja Boy shoe releases, it's going to sell out.

The bad news: You'll be forever linked to the phrase "Superman dat hoe." I think we call that a "win-lose." --Pete Freedman

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