Spill Your Guts At This Weekend's Bloodapalooza Tattoo Convention

Starting on Friday and running throughout the weekend is something called The Bloodapalooza Tattoo Art and Music Festival. A quick perusal of the event's webpage offers a lengthy list of schedule bands. Not surprisingly, there's a lot of metal acts on the bill.

But you know what is a surprise? It's taking place at the Sterling Hotel. Weird.

Anyway, local acts like AdaKaiN, Benzley, Calling All War, Jointmethod, Mother Truckin' Skull Diggers, Pimpadelic, SaintKarla, Spinter and The Mother's Anger are just some of the bands scheduled to take part in the festivities. One of the few out of town acts is Austin's Quartershackle.

I'll admit it: I haven't heard of a lot of these acts. But SaintKarla recently sent me its newest release and it was solid metal/emo-punk. Plus, there's bound to be a lot of semi-hot, semi-dressed, tattooed gals running amok, right?

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