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Spooky Folk Fans Explain What the Band Means to Them at the Farewell Show

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What's more, Dave Howard, bassist for Tony Ferraro's grimy pop-rock project Satan's of Soft Rock, a band that opened the show on Monday night, is saying his goodbyes as well, and moving with Kaualoku to Colorado. Satans will press on, but for many, it won't be the same. A sing-along at the end of Satans of Soft Rock's set brought both bands to the stage in an all-out arm chain of love, as seen below.

Kat Goodloe Have you taken anything away from Spooky Folk, emotionally speaking? "I feel like each member of that band has affected me emotionally, more than anything. I've never danced so hard or sweat so much to any other band before."

Caleb Campbell How has Spooky Folk impacted the community? "It's made it more interconnected, sweaty and inspired. Sing-alongs go a long way in this town."

Lacey Richins What's your favorite Spooky Folk memory? "It's probably a combination of shows, because I've been with them since day one. I love seeing other people and new fans experience them. They give people energy and make them excited about music. Also, when they played my birthday party at The Schoolhouse show. Or, when I road-tripped with them to Louisiana to ring in the new year."

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