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Stream The Rocket Summer's New Single. If You Dare.

As promised, Grapevine's own Bryce Avary of The Rocket Summer has gone ahead and debuted his new single, "You Gotta Believe," the title track to his new EP, over on the Alternative Press' Web site.

And, according to Avary's label, Island Def Jam, it created quite the stir, apparently crashing the magazine's site not once, but twice as fans scurried over to listen to the stream. Or so goes the excuse the label used to justify the poor sound quality of the stream.

According to Island Def Jam, the stream's now been fixed and fans should be hearing the song as its meant to be heard--which, actually, is a little off-putting if anything.

Seriously: Go listen to the stream. It's still skipping all over the place--or, it is for me, at least. Which means, I figure, one of the following things: a) my computer is the problem, not the site; b) the stream is still pretty crappy; or c) The Rocket Summer is distorting the crap out of his power-pop/pop-punk tunes, and it's kind of a genius move away from the mall punk scene.

Were I a betting man, I'd place money on the first two options. But I'm rooting for the third.

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