Sweet Climbing Movie Trailer, Brah! Also? Cool LehtMoJoe Soundtrack!

My still-brand new Mad Rock shoes have gone woefully unused since I moved away from the mountains of Colorado some two years ago now, but,


, if the above trailer for the new climbing doc,


, doesn't make me want to bust 'em out and take a trek up to

Dallas Rocks

for a little bouldering sesh...

Anyway, that's not the point of this post. Rather, this is: Much of the above trailer for the feature-length film is set to Alrington beat-maker LehtMoJoe's music--specifically his song "Tom Petty" from his July-released Spaghetti Western, which sure seems to be getting a second wind of late, huh? Anyway, the song sure sounds purdy behind those high-def images of landscapes and gnarly rocks and, uh, Lamborghinis? Sure, why not? Anyway, check it out.


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