SXSW Dispatches: DMG$ Say Hello To Austin

[Earlier this week, we asked a few bands to check in with us from time to time over the course of the week to tell us about their SXSW experiences. First up, Damaged Good$' Coool Dundee and Trak Bully, with DJ Prince William in tow, tell us how their week got started.]

Well hell...

Let us start off by saying that everyone has to get in the long-ass registration line like every other human artist on the planet!!!! Got here and was like, "Jeez, this must be the judgement day line!!!!!

We were like, "Times like this is when we need a name like Prince or somebody!" However, SXSW probably would have made his ass wait in that line as well.

People we didn't think we would see in the line that we saw: DJ Klever, U-N-I, DJ Craze, Blackjacks just to name a few.

Moving on, our first show was at a spot called Red 7. Maxtundra had just got done doing his gangsta set and everyone just left... and that place was packed...

But, thanks to our prayers to the SXSW gods, people came out of nowhere. Somewhat small at first but, not even half-way through our set, we had an army wild'n out with us!!!!!

Both of our necks still hurt from that party. And I've never seen Prince William sweat so hard...

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